Money Laundering: Political strife and a lack of dollars turn the need into an urgency

Money Laundering: Political strife and a lack of dollars turn the need into an urgency

Announcing his official project a Money laundering It’s not new In this administration was expected at least eight months ago on the occasion of preparing the first drafts of the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa with The United States to agree to the automatic exchange of tax information Which finished signing last December and started this year.

Its purpose is not just Increased foreign exchange income For the country, but by increasing the reserve requirements due to the increase in bank deposits, it was weaker Central bank reserveswho did not find the respite they expected with Soybeans in dollars 3. In addition, when the tax rate is applied to asset exits as well It will improve collocation. Very necessary items by the end of last year, such as urgent for this period That Argentina is traveling on its way to the polls.

Money laundering: What does the government bill look like, and who and how can they get in?

It was exactly The political situation, under the pre-election scenarioWhich prevented progress until today with this point. the Parliamentary paralysisIndeed, it peaked in the summer, when the Extraordinary Sessions were conspicuous by their absence. and the internal battlesin both the front of Todos and Gentos por el Cambio, about the candidates, keep the scenario under tension he added Casa Rosada dispute with the Supreme Courtthe Difficulties in achieving goals Raised in the agreement with the International Monetary Fund and There is no feasibility about the proposals To improve the social and economic situation of those who already in the middle of the electoral race aspire to rule the country.

Certification contestno who Vice President Christina Kirchner will remain out of the presidential nominationsAnd Just like the head of state Alberto Fernandez and his predecessor, Mauricio Macri; Make room for moving forward, at least, with projects that allow the outgoing administration to give another horizon, but above all, to the future.

For example, in the preliminary calculations made by Economía, only the Unreported funds In the accounts that argentines have in the usa around $100 billionwho will allow Raising about $1 billion a year.

No. Both this and the following administration will need to move with less uncertainty The times to come are now without Kirchner or Macri at the helmtwo decades later, but in an economy that requires foreign exchange to stay afloat.

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