Morant calls for a new science law that generates “as much consensus as possible”


Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morante called for science law reform that was born “as unanimously as possible,” because, as she remembered, it was a “great tool” meant to support the Science Pact reinforced by his predecessor in office, Pedro Duque.

said the minister, who was committed to proceeding “without haste but without pause” in the process of amending the standard.

At a press conference Monday to present the CDTI’s Science and Innovation Scholarships Program 2021, Morant noted that this new law is included in the government’s recovery plan, which says it should be approved in the first half of next year. And the minister specified “by next June.”

For this reason, it intends to “continue an open dialogue” and “search for the maximum possible consensus” among all stakeholders before agreeing to this reform.

On March 30, the Council of Ministers approved the start of approval procedures for the amendment of Law 14/2011 on Science, Technology and Innovation.

From that moment on, meetings began with scientific, university and health societies, independent communities and social agents to address the proposed reforms.

The resulting text will be presented to a public hearing before being approved in a second round by the Cabinet and submitted to Parliament for processing as a bill.

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