More and more companies are incorporating wellness programs for their human team

More and more companies are incorporating wellness programs for their human team

IQS Launched during the 21-22 The comprehensive wellbeing program for your human team. Through the entity AsTara – Wellbeing and Development, this pilot test allows more than 50 people to enjoy nurturing sessions and manage their physical, mental, emotional and nutritional aspects.

The increased psychological and social risks associated with the workplace is one of the main fronts that a company must manage effectively in order to ensure the success of its mission and future. They have to go a step further, becoming aware of the responsibility of training and accompanying people so that they can carry out their tasks with appropriate tools and with maximum guarantees.

Concern for worker welfare is part of IQS HR policy, which is why the department management wanted to take the first steps with the implementation of beta testing as a preview of a program to be integrated in the future for the entire template.

Carlos Bell, Director of Human Resources at IQSClarify a point “We have to encourage people to work in a healthy way and be able to manage oneself. At the same time increasing the value of IQS as an employer brand, a sense of belonging, efficiency in the workplace and improving the overall quality of life. As a responsible entity close to its workers, we at IQS believe With a policy that helps prevent and manage potential physical and emotional health problems.The program that Asara suggested to us, and for which we would like to thank for her professionalism and participation, we liked it very much.It included a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, addressing the different themes: body awareness, emotion and stress management, and nutrition In addition, in IQS, we have added a mass of spirituality, in line with our identity and mission, and with the aim of linking well-being with “well-being”, which is another important aspect of the human dimension.”

Jose Carlos Hermida, co-founder of AsTara Highlights that: “It is important for prestigious and recognized organizations like IQS to be leaders in engagement and commitment to the welfare and development of their employees. The current moment we live in in the professional, social and political spheres tells us that people should be at the heart of a company’s decisions. In addition, a program like this not only enhances A sense of belonging to the human team, but also the external image of the entity, which gives the message of modernity and responsibility, Show the way to other companies. We are very grateful for their trust and for being part of a project that has such a positive impact on people, not only in the workplace, but also in the personal sphere.”

The program included activities inside and outside the facilities, such as Connect with nature by taking a shower in the forestone of the most admired experiences of the program, which is highly appreciated by all the participants.

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