More than 17,000 experts attend the first Global Blue Economy Forum in Nairobi

More than 17,000 experts attend the first Global Blue Economy Forum in Nairobi

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference (BlueEconomy2018) is launching today in Nairobi (Kenya), the first global forum focusing on the environmental use of marine resources, with the attendance of more than 17,000 experts from 184 countries.

The blue economy has huge economic prospects, but using it sustainably is a challenge.The President of Kenya said, Uhuru KenyattaDuring his keynote address at the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC).

A chart of the peak in a screenshot from the SBEC website.

this Blue Economy 2018 The conference, which continues until next Wednesday, seeks to discuss the possibilities of oceans, lakes and rivers “In order to improve the lives of people, especially women, youth and indigenous peoples“, as detailed on the SBEC website.

During its first day, dozens of heads of state and government, as well as ministers, business leaders and scientists, analyzed the state of the blue economy in each of their countries and expressed their commitment to its sustainable development.

In addition to the Kenyan President, the meeting today is also attended by heads of states such as Seychelles, the Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda and Mozambique.

We must commit to innovative and sustainable use of our oceans, lakes and rivers, but action must be shared so that we can imagine a different future for generations to come.Kenyatta continued.

Head of the Commission (Secretariat) of the African Union (wa) Musa Faki Muhammad also showed this organization’s support for the blue economy and highlighted “Importance” The continent's marine resources.

“The African Union intends to take further steps on the blue economy and, therefore, we have decided to turn this point into one of the key projects of our Agenda 2063.”Mohammed said regarding the organisation’s strategic framework for Africa over the next 50 years.

European Commissioner for the Environment, Carmeno VillaHe also conveyed the European Union's support for this sustainable economy and Africa's development through it “Agreements between equals”.

There is no single definition of the blue economy: while some experts point out that it uses the oceans and their resources as a form of sustainable economic development, others argue that it includes any economic activity developed in the marine sector, whether sustainable. or not. .

Jointly organized between Kenya, Canada and JapanThe conference includes more than 300 events, including a research and scientific symposium, a business forum, a private sector forum, and a meeting of mayors and local governors. EFEverde

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