More than 375 million Nintendo Switch games have been sold, eliminating Wii and DS sales

More than 375 million Nintendo Switch games have been sold, eliminating Wii and DS sales

The hybrid console is now the one that has sold the most games out of all the games the company has released since its inception.

By Axel Garcia / 34 comments

The Nintendo Switch continues to admire its numbers. Even if It’s still somewhat far from being the company’s best-selling consolewhat it actually achieved is that it is the game that has sold the most number of games, with a total of 375.65 million Of nicknames and transcend 373.77 owned by the Nintendo Wii, including free copies of We Sports that came for free on this platform.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe accounts for more than 10% of this totalData courtesy of the platform Base . installationResponsible for recording values ​​and reports for several companies. From the numbers, we can clearly see that the hybrid platform is now Most successful Nintendo in terms of game sales, a value that will surely continue to rise Find out what lies ahead in 2022.

If this amount is hard to believe, just look at the sales The best selling games on the platform. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe He is the giant of this list, surpassing 43.35 million of units sold, equivalent to more than 10% From the total calculated by Install Base, only with the title.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons He is another big official for the new Nintendo Switch era, selling more than 37.62 million of copies less than two years later are on sale, and also exceeds a tenth of the total number of games sold by the console.

Now that you dominate the software, we’ll see if the console itself is able to be Nintendo’s bestseller, surpassing the number of 154.02 million That the Nintendo DS is the current winner, a number that seems far from 103.54 million It is a hybrid, but this will continue to increase as the months go by.

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