Morena goes to 57 votes against electricity reform

Morena goes to 57 votes against electricity reform

A week before the deadline to vote on electricity reform in the House plenary session on April 13, Morena and her allies will try through forced marches to add 57 votes to the opposition To reach the qualified majority of 334 deputies and approve the constitutional amendment.

Today, Morena’s parliamentary bloc includes 202 deputies. PVEM, 42, and PT, 33, That is a total of 277 lawmakers from the Together We Make History coalition.

Although he admitted only last week that he does not have the votes yet to endorse the initiative of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Morenista rally coordinator, Ignacio Meyer, confirmed his determination to put it up for discussion.

The Parliamentary Leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Ruben Moreira, however, emphasized that this was not the “appropriate moment” to vote on electricity reform and noted that if the majority of Morena insisted on moving the discussion to plenary, Tricolor will vote against.

We have decided that the time is after the elections to discuss it and not vote on it. He pointed out that we say that the current time is not the right time, and they can take it, because the deputies can take it, but we do not agree and we will vote against it.”

In a separate interview, the coordinator of Movimiento Ciudadano, Jorge Alvarez Menez, supported his faction’s refusal to repair the electricity and indicated that it does not exist, On Morena’s part, there was no effort in dialogue and negotiation, But only political polarization.

He expected the parliamentary majority to put forward the reform for discussion in a plenary session. Even if you do not reach 57 votes in opposition, you are still missingBecause this is one of the scenarios considered by the President of the Republic himself.

“President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador really likes the scenario that is not approved; the president is very comfortable in scenarios in which he is a victim (…), and he likes this scenario, continuing to create polarization and continuing to try to put everyone else in the same package and interfere in the electoral processes of the year 2022,” he said.

Álvarez Mainez thus ruled out the possibility that Morena, CWP and PT could get the votes of the opposition, especially the PRI, to reach a qualified majority and Advance constitutional reform in electrical matters.

He noted, “There are some PRI groups giving in to the government, but I think the majority of PRI legislators are aware of that and will rise to the occasion.”

In this context, Morenista’s coordinator, Ignacio Mer, emphasized this This week will be crucial for electrical repair.

On Monday, the House of Representatives Environment Committee called for a working meeting to express its positive opinion on the initiative to amend Articles 25, 27 and 28 of the Constitution, while summoning the joint committees for constitutional and energy points. A draft opinion will be distributed in the next few hours. to be voted on on April 11 and handed over to the plenary for discussion two days later.


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