Ukraine says Russian forces are preparing for an ‘intense’ attack World | Dr..

Ukraine says Russian forces are preparing for an ‘intense’ attack World |  Dr..

Its governor, Sergei Gaidai, said on Monday (04.04.2022) that Russian forces are preparing for an “intensive attack” on Ukrainian forces in the Lugansk region of eastern Ukraine.

“We see that there is equipment coming from different directions and that (the Russians) are bringing in the men and bringing in the fuel,” he said in a video message. “We understand that they are preparing for a massive attack.”

“The shelling is getting more and more intense. Last night, there was an attempt to reach Robyzhny (near Lugansk), the defenders repelled, they disabled several tanks, there were dozens of corpses” of Russian soldiers, said Gaidai.

Thousands of people have been evacuated

He added, without going into details, that “two volunteers were killed yesterday, unfortunately, by the explosion of a mine or artillery shell” and “the bombing of a church,” which resulted in the injury of two monks.

So the governor asked the residents of the area to leave. In his message, he asked, “Please do not hesitate. Today, a thousand people have been evacuated. Please do not wait for your homes to be bombed.”

The Ukrainian authorities said, on Saturday, that Russian forces are withdrawing from areas in northern Ukraine, especially around Kyiv, to spread in the east and south of the country.

mg (AFP, Reuters)

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