Movies and series to watch this weekend

Movies and series to watch this weekend

After the start of a new month, the Netflix platform is replenishing its content, so many people take advantage of the weekend to watch series or movies, and therefore do not miss the opportunity to see some of the “hidden treasures” released in the aforementioned. flow.

One new content that hopes to take over the screens is lost in the arctic, A movie starring Joe Cole, who is famous for his participation in the series meager masksSo is Nikolai Koster-Waldau, a Danish actor and producer known internationally for his role in the series. Game of thrones.

The film, based on real-life events, tells the story of two Danish explorers who made an expedition to the North Pole in 1909. The question that will lead these two men to make the dangerous journey is to confirm whether the said region is a continuous continent, i.e. it does not contain physical divisions, in order to deny the claims of the United States.who argued that the North Pole is a land spread over several islands.

So, the film is based on the exploration of these two men, who seek to provide Denmark with emphatic information about the reality of the Arctic, through which they will resist the demands of the North American giant. In addition, the mental and physical exhaustion of the characters is reflected in the middle of the journey.

The second place is an interesting short series, set in the United States. Do you know who he is?’ It tells the story of a woman in her thirties who begins a journey across the country, which will lead her to uncover a mysterious secret to her family.

The story, starring Toni Collette and Bella Heathcote, shows the relationship between the two main characters, mother and daughter, which is shattered after a violent event that takes place in the town they live in, so they begin a dating light over a series of family secrets. She will push one of the two protagonists to search for the truth on her journey.

Continuation of the premiere, “Weekend in Croatia hits the screens of fans of “thriller”. It tells a story with many unexpected twists, after a couple of friends meet and one of them disappears. The production is directed by Kim Farrant, an Australian director known for her work a strangerAnd the angel of mine And the Weekend away.

“When her best friend disappears during a girls’ trip to Croatia, Beth rushes to find out what happened. But every clue leads her to more deception.”summarizes the Netflix platform about this premiere, ensuring that the plot contains many paths, in which the protagonist will have to travel to find her friend.

Joining these productions is a new movie that revolves around thefts and the sea. Pirates: The Last Treasure of the Crown, any Promises to be a comeback of successful pirate plots since’Pirates of the Caribbean’. Even a few days after its premiere, it has already positioned itself as one of the 10 most watched movies on Netflix.

This South Korean movie features a group of pirates who battle each other to find an ancient treasure lost at sea. In the midst of this quest, the protagonists embark on an adventure filled with puzzles and dangers that they must undertake to obtain the long-awaited treasure.

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