MPs call for an open forum to build a new scientific law

MPs call for an open forum to build a new scientific law

the Committee on Science, Technology, Innovation and Educationfrom the House of Representatives invites interested persons to participate in the Open Parliament to enrich the initiative Humanities, Technology and Innovation Law.

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The aim is to provide this space to hear the views and opinions of citizens on the Humanities, Technology and Innovation Bill.

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“In this way, by working together, we will build the law that our country needs for the present, with a vision for the future,” said Representative Javier López-Casarín, who chairs the Commission on Science, Technology and Innovation.

An open parliament convenes in a series of forums. The first of these will be on Wednesday, March 29, in the Protocol Room, Building C, of ​​the Legislative Palace in San Lazzaro.

Those interested in the Open Parliament Forums can register by phone at 55 5036 0000, extensions 57090 or 68261. Also by e-mail [email protected] and [email protected]. mx.

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