MUNCYT of A Coruña celebrates Science Week with special activities


National Museum of Science and Technology, MUNCYT of A Coruña joins the celebration of Science Week with special activities aimed at all types of audience and dedicated to Periodic Table.

On November 11, 7:00 p.m., Bernardo Herradon, Scientific researcher at the Institute of General Organic Chemistry CSIC, The conference will give “The Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements: Scientific, Human, Cultural and Social Aspects”.

The conference will present the periodic table of the chemical elements from a variety of perspectives: scientific, human, cultural and social. Each of them will be Bombarded through cinematic situations, literary appearances, and artistic expressions. This is it It will broadcast via FECYT’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

For his part, the “Elemental” show will take place on Friday 12 November at 7:30 pm at the headquarters of the Museo Coruña., which is a fascinating activity from scientific publishing Created and implemented by Manuel Vicente, the actor Caesar Goldi And the pianist Juango Fernandez. A fun and refreshing “Piano Dory Bar” that blends piano music, stand up, stage, songs, humor and a dash of drama Tell the stories hidden in the periodic table of the elements.

Source: MUNCYT

Incidentally but without losing scientific rigor, the audience will learn more about chemical elements through a file A landscape proposal and several interviews with a selected group of researchers. To be able to attend this activity, prior reservation is required through [email protected] Or by calling the museum 689578727.

Other elements in the periodic table

Visitors who come to MUNCYT will also be able to visit the new temporary exhibition just opened by the museum: “The Other Elements of the Periodic Table.” Dedicated to the scientists who discovered the different chemical elements found in the periodic table.

Chaired by a dazzling interactive center table, Visitors will learn who is who From and sharing Other Items Four interactive modules, Fun and educational. In total, six pieces belonging to the MUNCYT collection will be on display, Such as the emission spectrometer—the most important instrument in the history of the discovery of chemical elements—the thermometer, the thermometer—which determines the specific heat of a substance—or the Bunsen burner, among others.

The biography of the 77 researchers who discovered some elements of the periodic table will also be described.Among them are Henry Cavendish (1731-1810) discoverer of hydrogen, Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), of oxygen, Andres Manuel del Rio, of vanadium, Marie Curie (1867-1934), radium and polonium together for her husband Pierre or Margaret Perry (1909- 1975), from Francio.

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