IMSS Veracruz Sur calls for vasectomy, says director of Family Medicine Unit 1, Alejandro Navarrete Jática – El Sol de Orizaba


Orizaba, Ver. – Director of Family Medicine Unit (UMF) No. 1, Alejandro Navarrete Jatica invited parents to have a vasectomyIt is a definitive method of contraception for a man who already has the required number of children and who has previously received counseling.

make it clear The procedure consists of a small incision that is made without a scalpelWith local anesthesia. It is a hole in the skin of the scrotum above where the testicles are located, through which the vas deferens are identified, tied and cut, which is the site through which sperms pass.

He commented that vasectomy without a scalpel only prevents the passage of sperm, which are still produced but absorbed by the body.

mentioned that, From January to date, they have performed 43 procedures, which do not interfere with sexual activity, do not present immediate or long-term health risks, do not require hospitalization and their recovery is so rapid that the patient is soon integrated into normal activities.

mentioned that The method is ideal for men when their partner suffers from chronic health problemsIt is extremely safe, with over 99% effective.

“A vasectomy can be done at any time, as long as the person has the planned number of children and has received advice confirming that this method of contraception is permanent, and voluntarily orders it from their doctor.”he added.

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mention it From November 16 to 20, there will be an intensive family planning day She invited interested claimants to go to her family doctor and request the procedure.

I noticed that To ensure the effectiveness of the contraceptive method The beneficiary must go to his doctor, where a laboratory request will be submitted, to examine a semen sample, after the first 25 ejaculations, to verify the absence of sperm and to stop using condoms as a supportive method of contraception.

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