Municipal Welfare Brigades bring benefits to local communities in Tlaxcala


The program developed by the city council headed by Jorge Querici will continue to serve the residents of the capital until December 4th

Tlaxcala, Tlax, 8 October 2021 (Editor’s Office). –Municipal Welfare Days, which have been successfully implemented by Tlaxcala City Council, in close cooperation with various state and federal agencies, continue to visit the communities, neighborhoods and urban areas of the municipality with good response from residents, who now have the opportunity to access health and physical well-being services and information without The need to go to health centers or government offices.

The first communities to receive municipal welfare battalions benefits in Tlaxcala were San Esteban Tizatlán and San Gabriel Cuauhtla, where visual health units, general medical advice, reproductive health information forms, advice from the municipal court, and municipal DIF were installed. , of the Municipal Institute for Women and Youth, as well as with the Trustee of Welfare and OPD Salud in Tlaxcala.

The Municipal Welfare Brigade arrives on Saturday 9 October in the city of Santa Maria Extolco, and over the following weekends will visit other locations in this order and on dates:

On October 16 the brigade will be installed in San Diego Mitpeque, on October 23 in San Hipolito Chimalpa, on October 30 in San Sebastian Atlahaba, on November 6 in Santa Maria Aquitlabelco, on November 13 it will be in the community of Ocotlan, on November 20 ) in San Buenaventura Attempan, on November 27 in San Lucas Quatlulpan, and finally on December 4 in Trinidad Tepetic.

The services of the Municipal Welfare Brigade will be installed in the auxiliary presidencies of each of the localities and will serve the residents present from 10 am to 3 pm.

The areas of Tlaxcala City Council that are actively involved in these days are the Municipal DIF System, Municipal Court, Directorate of Citizens Security and Mobility, Municipal Civil Protection, Municipal Sports Institute, Municipal Women’s Institute, Municipal Youth Institute, Municipal Health Promotion District, Legal Directorate and Municipal Institute for Persons with Disabilities .

Also joining this Saturday is the Executive Committee for Victim Attention (CEAV).

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