The epidemic caused by COVID-19 has caused many deaths around the world, but it has also had side effects, such as an increase in symptoms depression In the world.

And not least, many people have been able to protect themselves from the virus by voluntary confinement which, in many cases, frustrated For people who stayed at home, with hardly the slightest human contact.

Interestingly, a new study found that one way to avoid depression is through consumption mushroom. Then we will tell you more about it.

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mushroom of happiness

In the last years mushroom They have been the subject of many studies, especially because they are considered superfoods, that is, those foods that, due to their compounds, improve the health of consumers more than other foods.

Thanks to this we know that mushroom It has many benefits for human health, one of the most interesting and unknown is that it can help reduce symptoms and risk of infection. depression.

Although there is not the same amount in all mushroomYes, it does so on several occasions for human consumption.


according to new scientific study From Penn State University, Consumers mushroom less likely depression.

The secret behind this type of mushroom is called ergotioneina, A powerful antioxidant found in many foods, but in mushroom In a stronger dose.

To reach this conclusion, Penn State experts used the diet and mental health data of more than 24,000 adults between 2005 and 2016.

Previous studies have shown that antioxidants help prevent various mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.

In the case of ErgoshninaThis antioxidant has been known to help protect against cell and tissue damage in the body.

mushroom friend

outside all mushroom Edible, the most highlight is mushrooms, which should not be missing in any diet.

According to Penn State Research, it is the highest food source of the amino acid ErgoshninaIt is an anti-inflammatory that humans cannot manufacture.

Thus, if we consume it on a daily basis, we will have high levels of Ergoshnina In our body, which cannot be assimilated, but precisely because of this will lead to benefits for the body.

For example, it reduces the risk of oxidative stress, which may also reduce symptoms of depression.

Plus, mushrooms contain potassium, which is a natural anxiety reducer.

eat mushrooms

Researchers have studied different types of mushroom, but the conclusions do not clarify whether the benefits apply to everyone mushroom grocery shop.

Of course, they indicated in their conclusions that there is a “significant association” between eating mushroom and lower risk of depression.

The researchers ended their text by saying that there is a potential clinical and public health significance to boosting consumption mushroom as a way to reduce depression and prevention of other diseases.

They also point out that although there is no proven direct relationship between red meat and depressionI suggest to stop eating meat for one day a week and change it mushroom.

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