Powerful medicine, healing on all physical and mental levels, and music that heals are just what we need. Consciously seeking, handpicked so that every time we listen to emotional wounds and bodily wounds, the pharmacy of the future we have at hand in the present.

On my podcast episode light up your heart I interviewed an expert in the art of healing sounds, singer and musician: Ravi Ram, which details the power of vibrations in the body and how each of us can activate these remedies, the antitoxins that surround us.

It’s great to listen to, and at the same time, understand the exact range of songs, melodies, and music we choose to listen to. I share it with you because for many years I have devoted myself to creating high-vibration songs and I see constantly Medicinal effect when appropriate music is used.

In my list of questions, I always leave you questions with the goal of getting you to think beyond the mold, especially so that you can become an observer of your habits and mental structures that move your life forward.

We are constantly exposed to music and songs, they reach everywhere consciously or accidentally, on the radio when we get in the car, in stores and supermarkets playing in the background, in airports and malls, in cafes, everywhere there are melodies.

Have you stopped listening carefully to what the modern lyrics have to say?

People ringing everywhere you visit, even on phone lines when they put you on hold?

Did you record how you feel?

Why do some of them reach your body, and if so, where do they affect your body?

Looking at Playlist What you carry on your phone, what sounds and what you let pass, ask yourself with love and patience whether these melodies are really the ones you like or are you pleasing others with what you allow in your ears.

Keep in mind that when I say music is medicine, I mean a scientific concept that goes beyond just a pretty metaphor for the high feelings you get when you listen to certain songs.

Tamask, Rajask, Sattvik

These three concepts that came from the ancient science of Ayurveda are fundamental to understanding the music we choose and what its medicinal effect is on our bodies, psychology, and emotions. The so-called “three cannons” are sattva (purity), rajas (activity), and tamas (darkness and destruction). Guns are in everything. Humans, food, living and innate things. These three qualities are present in all things to varying degrees, and one trait is always more present or dominant than the other.

Tamasic It is about everything that calms the body and mind, calms the senses, and generates a high degree of apathy. It refers a lot to food, the foods that produce this mood, from meat and alcohol to music. Those songs or melodies that deplete, paralyze and activate the painful memory centers and generate more addiction to self-suffering.

Rajacic They have a stimulating effect on the body and mind, they are foods or songs that activate the energy centers to come out of lethargy (sometimes they can be touching borders with irritability and aggressiveness). However, it is important to identify this music as it is often the best remedy for neglectful states and tamas depression. In the field of food, it refers to coffee, cola drinks, energy drinks, chocolate and foods containing many spices.

satvich In music and food it is what generates states of clarity in mind and body, it is the melodies and songs that vibrate at high frequencies (look for music at 425 Hz for example) and whose words are directly felt in the intelligence center of the heart. It creates an instant feeling of peace and well-being and flows like water. For Ayurveda, they are foods obtained without harming animals such as grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, etc. To calm impatience and anger, reduce tensions and raise the vibration levels of the environment, this is the music to listen to.

How do I choose my music?

Look at these three categories and every time you play a song or music, feel which of these three categories it belongs to based on the feelings they produce in you and the memories they awaken within you.

Think of music as food, what kind of food nourishes you?

¿Es rajásico, tamásico o sátvico?

With this information, you will begin to use your musical choices as medicine in a powerful way, revitalizing the pharmacy within.

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