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Recently, internal documents NASA It turns out that the agency is interested in confirming its work on the search for evidence Extraterrestrial life.

Files posted under the Freedom of Information Act on Attic’s government transparency website, contain all emails from the organization that mention the term “unknown weather phenomenaSent between May and November of this year, the period surrounding the publication of a well-known government report on UFOs released in mid-2021.

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However, the documents also reveal that the organization is less interested in examining evidence submitted by concerned citizens, such as one person who wanted scientists to examine a remarkable vessel he may have left behind. Aliens As evidence of extraterrestrial life or interdimensional travel, as reported deputy.

According to the outlet, the disclosed documents have been significantly revised, citing the privilege of the deliberative process which allows the government to protect sensitive material from the public, but in internal communications officials or scientists they seem unaware of any evidence that unidentified atmospheric phenomena have their origin in the stars; For the most part, they are busy crafting talking points that underscore NASA’s impressive and ongoing work in the search for evidence of life beyond our planet.

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“One of NASA’s main goals is to search for life in the universe. So far it has not found any reliable evidence of extraterrestrial life; however, it is exploring the solar system and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including whether We were alone in the universe. We are ready to support the rest of the government in the search for life in the universe, whether it is close to home, on the planets or moons of our solar system, or in the depths of space,” says one of the sections.

according to vice, Among the emails that were revealed, an official also confirmed that NASA is hardly looking at what’s in our skies. (“The good news is that we do our best to search for life,” he writes, “a little about real UFOs.”) Still, one scientist said they absolutely hope that exploration of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, will reveal terrifying alien entities. Something somehow did not become part of the talking points officially approved by the US agency.

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Despite officials’ apparent confidence that monstrous, tentacled creatures of unknown intelligence and impulse thrive within our solar system, none seem keen on addressing evidence of extraterrestrial life brought to them by the natives.

The files released to the public also address topics such as NASA’s interest in finding ways to harness the broad public interest in UFOs to educate about exactly what the agency is doing and to draw media attention to its missions.

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