Nayeb Bukele threatens to continue isolating officials in El Salvador


San Salvador. President of El Salvador, Here to watchOn Monday, he announced that the officials could continue to be sacked, two days after Congress, dominated by its allies, sacked the Supreme Court of Justice’s constitutional judges and the Attorney General.

“People haven’t sent us to negotiate. They are leaving. Everyone,” the president wrote on Twitter on Monday, without specifying the officials still in the eyes of Parliament.

On Saturday after installing the new Parliment (One Chamber), where the parties allied with Buckley had a majority of 61 of the 84 seats, proceeded to dismiss the five owned and substitute judges in the Constitutional Chamber and promptly appointed their replacement.

The Constitutional Chamber, whose mission is to ensure compliance with Magna CartaIt contained several presidential measures related to the management of the epidemic, the majority on the exemption regulations, because they were deemed to violate the basic rights of citizenship.

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The Attorney General, Raul Millara, was also removed from his position, and attorney Rodolfo Delgado was appointed in his place at dawn.

The judges and dismissed Attorney General Melara were elected by the former legislature that dominated the traditional parties Alianza Republicana Nacionista (Arena, right) and former left-wing guerrilla party. Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN).

Arena and FMLN alternated power in El Salvador between 1989 and 2019.

“Here it took us 30 years to get rid of a system that was suffering from misery, corruption, insecurity and despair,” Buckili stressed.
The president also appeared to respond to international criticism of his attempts to centralize power.

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“If the opposition wins in Nicaragua, they will leave the court and Sandinista Prosecutor. If the opposition manages to win in Honduras, they will leave the court and the Prosecutor of JOH (Juan Orlando Hernandez). If the opposition wins in Venezuela, they will leave the Chavezmo court and the attorney general. I mean, because of the balance of power, “Buckley said.

To dismiss the officials, Buckily received oversight from the US government, the Organization of American States (OAS) and humanitarian organizations, among others.

US Vice President Kamala Harris on Sunday expressed her government’s “deep concern” about “El Salvador’s democracy”, following the dismissal of the judges.

“An independent judiciary is critical to a healthy democracy and a strong economy,” Harris wrote on Twitter.


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