Nespresso launches limited edition Coffee Reviving Origins AMAHA Awe UGANDA in Chile – G5noticias

Nespresso launches limited edition Coffee Reviving Origins AMAHA Awe UGANDA in Chile – G5noticias

Nespresso offers AMAHA Awe UGANDA coffee, the “Hope of Uganda”, a limited edition coffee from the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, made possible only thanks to the brand’s Reviving Origins program launched in 2019. This program aims to restore high coffee production Quality, in addition to the agriculture and economics of local coffee in regions affected by various social, environmental and economic conflicts.

On the other hand, Reviving Origins provides support to rebuild the sustainable livelihoods of coffee farmers and their communities, while preserving the future of some of the world’s rarest and most wonderful coffees. This program is an integral part of the AAA Sustainable Quality Program™, the brand’s sustainable sourcing model.

“Coffee is the lifeblood of entire communities around the world,” says Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso. In many regions, coffee cultivation is threatened by causes such as climate change, conflict and a changing global economy. Through the Reviving Origins Program, Nespresso provides support to struggling coffee growing regions and helps breathe new life into local economies and, most importantly, the communities in these regions.”

For centuries, Uganda’s high soil and fertility allowed the best coffee to be harvested, however, climate change, poor agricultural practices and economic hardships have made its production a challenge in recent years. In view of the above, and as part of the Reviving Origins Program, Nespresso has worked with more than 2,000 coffee growers, providing training and expertise to improve coffee quality and yield, as well as establishing sustainable farming practices.

Reviving Origins AMAHA Awe UGANDA, is a single origin coffee with 100% Arabica beans, which has floral notes, sandalwood and a medium acidity and body. Available, while out of stock, for the original order of 8 espresso size and density. At Latte Macchiato, the aromas of biscuits and the flavors of isolated fruits come to life, providing a balanced and sweet cup.

Reviving Origins AMAHA awe UGANDA is now available for sale in any of its four stores, at, or through the official app.

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