Netherlands, a shooting leaves one dead at Grupo Milenio University Hospital

Netherlands, a shooting leaves one dead at Grupo Milenio University Hospital

Police said that two people were killed and a teenager was seriously injured by someone He shot at a house and a hospital in RotterdamDutch police reported on Thursday.

The organization told the media that the perpetrator of the attack, which would have been carried out without accomplices, was arrested and his motives are not yet known.

The suspect was arrested after being shot Erasmus Medical Centre And an adjacent apartment. Authorities reported that fires also broke out in both places.

Previously it isPolice said that a man wearing a military uniform opened fire on the university hospital The suspect was arrested at the hospital’s helipad.

Video from the scene shows heavily armed police officers wearing bulletproof vests entering the hospital, from which people were leaving, some with their arms raised.

Later, toPolice said they arrested a 32-year-old man at the hospital’s helipad They are investigating his possible involvement in the two shooting incidents.

Earlier, police said the attacker apparently fled on a motorcycle and asked the community to provide any information that might lead to his arrest. He then added that agents were searching the place Erasmus Medical Centre To see if the topic is still there.

At the moment no further details have been given.

Recent months have witnessed many small explosions in homes Rotterdamwhich toPolice blame gang fights.

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