New emojis on WhatsApp, 107 arrive and they are already available

New emojis on WhatsApp, 107 arrive and they are already available
New emojis on WhatsApp, 107 arrive and they are already available
A total of 107 new emojis arrive on WhatsApp for all Android devices. | Photo: Internet.

The WhatsApp Welcome to more than 100 new emoji which has already started to reach the Android devices of its users. here we tell you What are they and how do you find them.

The New update from The WhatsApp For Android introduced a total of 107 new emoji For mobile devices, and according to “Emojipedia”They are expected to arrive in the next few days Desktop and . versions web.

New emojis in WhatsApp

The Update The WhatsApp Includes seven new smiley face emojiWhich includes: cAra melted, a face with open eyes and an open mouth, a face with prominent eyes, a greeting face, a face with a dotted line, a face with a slanting mouth and a face holding tears.

New face emoji in WhatsApp. | Photo: Emojipedia.

Update also offers emojis for two gender neutral people, Including: A person with a crown and a holder. Beside A pregnant man with a bitten lip and an imaginary creature.

  • People emoji support skin tone modifiers.
New personal emoji on WhatsApp. | Photo: Emojipedia.

As for the Signing emojis and hand gestures Included: The right hand extends downward, like the left hand, left and right hand in profile, the hand with the index finger and thumb crossed, the index finger pointing at the viewer, the two hands making up the heart sign.

New emojis on WhatsApp. | Photo: Emojipedia.
  • Among these, everything can be adjusted to the desired skin tone.

Next toThere are new skin tone sequences in the Handshake emoji.

New skin tone variations in the handshake emoji on WhatsApp. | Photo: Emojipedia.

The The remaining emojis have arrived The WhatsApp be:

animals and nature category

  • coral
  • lotus
  • empty nest
  • live with eggs

food category

Object class

  • sliding
  • vessel
  • car tire
  • float type life clipboard
  • hiss hand
  • disco ball
  • low battery
  • crutches
  • orthopedic examination
  • bubbles
  • ID card


New object emojis in WhatsApp. | Photo: Emojipedia.

According to “Emojipedia”, all the new emojis in WhatsApp have been extracted from the list of recommendations Emoji 14.0.2 Update end of 2021.

Next to, Some of the emojis already on WhatsApp have undergone changes, such as the Fondue emoji.

Change in Fondue emoji on WhatsApp. | Photo: Emojipedia.

When will they be available?

New WhatsApp emojis are now available for Android users, So it is suggested to update the app to Version or higher.

In case iOS device usersThey will continue to see Original apple emoji designs provided by the operating system.

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