WhatsApp will allow you to use the same account on two devices

WhatsApp will allow you to use the same account on two devices
WhatsApp will allow you to use the same account on two devices
WhatsApp has listened to its users and will soon allow one account to be used on two cell phones / Photo: Pixabay

One of the important things Rules of use from The WhatsApp since birth 2009 is that users can only use Application on one cell phone. according to WABetaInfothis limitation will end It can be linked Two smart phones.

Another active device for WhatsApp!

As it already happens with whatsapp desktop versionthe possibility of marking a . has been confirmed The second phone as a secondary or companion device on the same account Without remaining the first of these Not related automatically.

How will the application work on two mobile devices?

Technology Information Portal announced that there will be a new section in The WhatsApp communicate “Register the device as a partner” that will appear when you try to open a file Application in a new way Mobile.

steps Connecting to a second cell phone For the same account will be similar to those required in Desktop version:

  • anger Settings
  • open menu Associated devices
  • scan QR Code that will appear on the secondary computer screen.

After this process, it will be possible to use Same WhatsApp account on another smartphoneaccording to WABetaInfo. An important detail is that this improvement in Multi-device support It would, in theory, allow Use a tablet as a secondary device for WhatsApp.

When will the WhatsApp update be available?

according to WaBetaInfoAnd There is no estimated date yet for my mobile device support to arrive on WhatsAppsince the job under development It will likely take a long time before we see it fully implemented. the official way.

longing for Multi-device support Came to me The WhatsApp In the middle of last year, but with restrictions that only allow tethering Desktop or web sessionsWith the exclusion of other mobile devices. Towards the end of 2021, a Average I came out of the evidence, came All users.

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