New investment lines between Colombia and Turkey | government | Economie

New investment lines between Colombia and Turkey |  government |  Economie

Vice President and Counsellor, Martha Lucia Ramirez met his Turkish counterpart, Mouloud Cavusoglu And with the Turkish Vice President, Fouad Oktay To enhance cooperation and investment Turkey and Colombia in sectors High technology, manufacturing industries, food production and processed crops.

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The senior officials agreed on the need to deepen existing bilateral cooperation and explore new areas of work to strengthen their strategic alliance.

The scientific, technological and innovative development of many Turkish manufactures provides a great opportunity to invest in Colombia and develop products that use the country as an export platform to the US and regional markets.‘, via Ramirez.

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The consultant also chose to invest in the sector Solid, taking into account”infrastructure development and housing construction; In the automotive, auto parts and electric vehicle industries“.

This will be Window to Colombia From “inclusion of ourselves in these global value chains, and for the country to be able to produce auto parts for said vehicles.”

In addition, Turkish officials have been invited to conduct Investments in the agriculture, agribusiness and processed food sector, where they may have”Big chances“.

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The foreign minister’s agenda will continue until April 2, and it is proposed that she meet with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) to find support for the education and gender equality sector in Colombia. He will also hold a meeting with representatives of the Colombian community residing in Istanbul and with the honorary consul in that city.

According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, the total amount of Colombian exports to Turkey 1.27 billion US dollars in 2021, 39% more than in 2020. Similarly, the trade balance between the two countries maintains the surplus trend of Colombia in the past five years: in 2021, it reached a surplus of $860.6 million, an increase of 26% over 2020.

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