The Civil Development Department will practice “de-authorization” of the director

The Civil Development Department will practice “de-authorization” of the director

Next Wednesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 7, the Center for Economic Research and Education (CIDE) community will hold a voting day to decide whether or not to continue – or not – José Antonio Romero Telici as the Foundation’s Managing Director.

This is an initiative that comes from the community itself and has been socialized through emails, so that teachers, students and administrative staff participate in the practice of “de-delegating”.

The democratic life of society must allow the whole of society to have the ability and means not only to decide whose powers will be, but also to remove them on the basis of their performance. The student community was deprived of the opportunity to participate in choosing the direction of our institution,” the student community revealed to CIDE in a statement.

“Much has been speculated about the position of society in relation to the current crisis plaguing our institution, a situation which has led to its repeated disdain and deprivation of its power to be a relevant actor to resolve the conflict. In this sense, we consider this to be an exercise that allows both the society and the authorities to demonstrate their position. and the legitimacy of the arguments, within a democratic framework and mutual respect,” the e-mailed call stated.

The cideíta community even invited Romero Telaci to actively participate in the counseling.

But even more so at the discussion tables that will be organized so that he can defend his administration. For this discussion table, students are also invited to sign up for both pro and con positions to allow for a respectful and informed discussion,” he adds.

the exercise

To develop this day, the student community was invited to register, in order to support the performance of various activities such as taking votes, taking care of ballot boxes, counting votes and public deliberations.

Those who wish to participate in these activities must belong to one of the sectors of the cideíta community at the time of the consultation.

According to reports, those interested will be able to apply until Monday, April 4 in the morning, because a virtual meeting will be held at night to discuss the entire process.

this Thursday, political animal It reported that the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt), chaired by Maria Elena Alvarez-Boela, had decided not only to retain for three years the minutes of the extraordinary session of the CIDE Partners Assembly where the amendments to the general statutes were approved. For this institution, but also classified as secret and reserved – until 2025 – official minutes of the appointment of Romero Telici as Director General.

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