Next destination for the Pumas 7s: United States


Weeks go by, hours are by, the Olympic Games are approaching. With just over two months to go to Tokyo 2021, Los Pumas 7s has a new confirmed competition. To be held in the United States, with the aim of continuing to prepare and prepare for the loudest event in the Olympiad. This is the “Quest For Gold Sevens” which will be held June 25-26 at Dignity Health Sports Park From Los Angeles, which will have five participating countries: Argentina, the United States, Kenya, Samoa and South Korea.

There is still no confirmed list for this pre-Olympic race, Those led by Santiago Gómez will travel to Cora on June 13th for pre-contest focus in Chula Vista, Next to the US team. Once the competition in Los Angeles ends, the team will return to Buenos Aires and in the early days of July it will be announced that the final squad will be in Japan.

Santiago Gomez Cora, Los Pumas 7s coach: “Every time you are closer to the games and therefore essential to trying to think about every day, to continue to hone technical details, to enjoy the process and to get to Tokyo in the best way. Enthusiastic, works a lot and the good results we achieve make us more committed. “.

About Tokyo 2021 goals: “Our goal is to play for a medal and try to break the mental barrier to reach the quarter-finals. We aim to handle moderation well in the face of critical situations.”

“Compiling the list is the hardest thing about this job, I reviewed it after Rio 2016. It’s leaving the guys I’ve known and lived with for many years. The fruitful thing about this is that this is getting more and more competitive and that’s cool. Not knowing how to put together the 12 is a huge challenge.” And part of that job. So I worked really hard mentally for that moment. “

Source: UAR

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