Nicolas Maduro requires dialogue with the United States if he abandons his “arrogance and contempt” | international | News


He pointed out that it may include “the return of those responsible for the works.”


Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, on Monday demonstrated his willingness to dialogue with the US government whenever he succumbed to his “arrogance, hatred and contempt”, negotiations that will include a possible return of diplomats.

“If you tell me that if we are ready to have direct dialogues with the United States government, I will tell you that we are always ready, but they have to give in to their arrogance, hatred and contempt,” he said during a press conference. Press Conference.

He then asserted that if they put an “agenda on the table” that could include “the return of those responsible for business” and, in this way, James Storey, whom the United States has appointed as ambassador to Venezuela and who exercises his position. In Bogota, he can return to Caracas.

In this way, Maduro explained, Storey would “return to Caracas to do his work” and the Venezuelan Chargé d’Affairs to the United States would “return to Washington.”

“It’s the bottom line, in a civilized world, for the 21st century, the bottom line is that they have diplomatic relations, even if they are tense and tense,” he added.

On March 14, 2019, then-US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that “all” of his diplomats had already left Venezuela.

Two days ago, Maduro’s government reported that it had ordered the expulsion of American diplomats who were still in the country, after the United States announced a similar decision, as their presence “brought risks” to the “stability of the country.”

He then gave them 72 hours to leave Venezuela, which was completed on March 14, 2019.

However, Maduro stressed on Monday that he hopes, after opening a dialogue table with the opposition last Friday, “to open channels of communication, dialogue and negotiations with the United States government.”

Although he asserted that in this North American country they “despise and hate” the “government of Venezuela”, now they support “opposition leader Juan Guaido” less because he deceived them.

“They made him do something and he failed, and we defeated him, we defeated Guaido, we crushed him politically. And if we crush Guaido, we crush the American intervention strategy,” he said.

Maduro reiterated that he had talks with former President Donald Trump, when he was still in the White House, in which he told him that he “hates” Guaido and that if re-elected “he would put him aside and have direct dialogues.” with Maduro’s CEO.

“I don’t know if he will comply later, but he said so,” the Venezuelan president said, commenting that US delegates referred to the Guaido-led sector as “corrupt, bandits” and “thieves.” . ” (I)

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