High-level “economic” dialogue between Mexico and the United States


As for the United States, it is widely rumored that USTR wants to veto any DEAN discussion related to TMEC, arguing that the treaty has its own tools and mechanisms, under USTR tutelage.

A very troubling vision, given that a good part of the bilateral economic relationship depends on TMEC, and many competitiveness issues revolve around it, such as border infrastructure, ports, logistics and many more.

We’re a few weeks away from relaunching DEAN, and we continue in the information vacuum that is only feeding the vows of a mechanism that will be more embellishment and images than real actions.

Many of us believe that reinstalling DEAN would be a great opportunity to seriously address the uncertainties of investing in Mexico, or to generate a strategy to strengthen North American supply chains in the face of the US-China conflict, or to improve border flooding and port infrastructure for commerce.

However, given the poor visibility of the Mexican government, and the stupidity of some US government actors, it appears that DEAN’s return will remain just a media act without much substance. And in another forum to talk about immigration in a superficial way, without either government understanding that the main problem is economic.

I hope I’m totally wrong. But at the moment, there are not many possibilities. And even less so with the disastrous withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, and the immediate return of the Taliban to their rule. A crisis that will once again remove the focus of the United States from Mexico, away from immigration.


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