Non-UV people disrupt activities at El Democrata . Medical College

Non-UV people disrupt activities at El Democrata . Medical College

Lisbeth Inclan / Veracruz, see– People outside the University of Veracruzana have denied access to medical school students and staff from the Center for Health Studies and Services (CESS), a situation condemned by U-U District Vice President in Veracruz, Ruben Idel Navarro.

He explained that it was the supposed anti-corruption group, which put up banners displaying an internal UV problem, on the fabrics they put on and demanded that the CESS coordinator, Antonia Barranca Enriquez, be punished for her supposed candidacy for party membership. The local council in 2021, without giving up his position in UV.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed that these individuals have violated the activities of the Studies House, and they will take legal measures in this regard.

Regarding the internal conflict, he said the university is already taking care of the controversies that come mainly from the CESS doctor.

“Four men and one woman showed up at CESS to lay the tarpaulin and very early at 6:30 to prevent our students from arriving, the IPAX staff intervened in a timely manner, telling them that this was not true and that they were doing so and that they could not prevent our students and patients from crossing, then They agreed to withdraw and later this whole demonstration took place, the lawyer spoke to them but they did not identify themselves either and it is distributed to them »

Robin Edel raised his voice to not tolerate people outside UCLA causing conflicts and also violating student activities.

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