Now who can defend me?

* De Monsivais: “If no one guarantees you tomorrow, today becomes colossal.” Camelot.

In ancient times, as in the cowboy scene from John Wayne, when bad guys settled in towns and took over everything and the boy from the movie came to their defense, the state leader of Movimento Ciudadano (MC) shouted. ), Sergio Gil Rolland, when he noticed that the bad cuitlaistas had the power of the people and had kidnapped him, said, as Chapollin Colorado also shouted: Now who can defend us? Well, Sergio asserts that “Veracruz has someone to defend it”, and this is none other than Dante Delgado Ranuro, and all the orange forces of Movimento Ciudadano. At the report convention they had in Veracruz, Jill and Dante made dumbbells. We have already seen that Dante, according to a statement, not only wants to snatch the Veracruz government from the infidels cuitlauistas, champions of returning money to the Federation in sub-training (14 thousand 662 million, confirms Sergio Gil), he wants to banish them forever and ever. It doesn’t matter if they send the luxury to Nahle or Huerta or to Mayor Ricardo Ahid himself, he has something for everyone. Dante wants the presidency of Mexico and the state of Veracruz, and we, really, Dante, care about Veracruz, and Mexico and the country that cares, but Veracruz is forgotten, with no public works, with terrible insecurity, with the worst roads in the country, with a health system like Uganda, when he said it would be From Denmark, Gilles asserted, for this and many other things, Dante must come in alliance with others, even if he liked some members of the PRI, such as the traitor Alito Moreno, and unite to win this governor, for we have been suffering for 5 years, said a man from Poquino . And what is missing.


Dante is remembered as one of the best governors of the state of Veracruz. At only four years old, he changed his face to Veracruz and Boca del Rio, and opened the seas, like Moisés one morning, accompanied by notary Gerardo Gil Ortiz (RIP), he extended his hand over the sea; And the Lord, with a strong east wind that blew all night, caused the sea to recede. So the sea turned dry, and the water measured according to the exit. Here Girardeau came to negotiate, for those of the Gold Coast, not wanting to lose their privilege of setting up their dwellings right by the sea, had given themselves the luxury of mooring their small boats or yachts at foot, like plantation owners. The quacks are anchored on the farm. This street triumphed over the sea and beach hotels and first-class restaurants began to arrive. There was only one beach hotel in Veracruz, Torremar, which is owned by the Cordoban family, Bueno Torio, we would get there like smoked spiders to fight for a place to stay with the family on vacation, because they had a big swimming pool. Later, this hotel became Plaza Andamar, and at its entrance there is a memorial plaque in honor of this good man and businessman, Juan Bueno Lazaro (RIP). More beach hotels arrived and other governors arrived, each one imposing possible improvements. Veracruz and Boca del Rio became a tourist destination with hotels and restaurants, as well as the large WTC convention center and aquarium, from which they were forcibly taken away and no one said anything, and Plaza Américas, where Dante begged entrepreneurs who had bought a place and no one wanted to buy it, making it It is a business of life, because today places do not sell buildings, they rent them, and those who bought them at that time today are getting a good income. Fidel Herrera Beltrán opened the Boca del Rio avenue to Antón Lizardo and from that area grew new towers and subdivisions, for Veracruz no longer grew in the north, now in the south, as well as the Friendship Bridge, which unites the two squares in Veracruz, as well as the Araucaria monument to the sculptor The great Sebastian, and there’s an underground bridge in that area. Each ruler leaves a job to remember. From Miguel Aleman, I remember that he built the Jalapeno Bridge for the entrance to the nimas subdivision, there were many accidents and deaths, and the residents recognized and thanked him. Miguel Ángel Jós Linares, in his short stint as governor, also won a piece of the sea and built the Boca Forum, an almost national architectural award, and a concert hall unique in the country.

And they bring in more business, but those are the ones I remember.

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