Olympics: Women’s basketball team beats Canada, dodges USA in quarter-finals | Olympic Games 2021

Coralt Casas enters the basket after defeating Ochonoa during the match between Spain and Canada.Aris Messines / Agence France-Presse

N’Dour, Casas, Ofena, Cazorla and Torrenz form the core of a team that, in the first leg of the Olympic Games, recovered from a disappointing time in the European League. Their victory over Canada (66-76) capped the perfect route in the first stage. He won the three matches he played and boosted his game, despite some loopholes and details that need to be improved to have more options in what awaits him from the quarter-finals. The leadership of Group A allows him to avoid the United States at this intersection. The premise was basic because the Americans maintain unprecedented dominance, far exceeding that of the men’s team.

The United States women’s team has not lost a match at the Olympics since being defeated by the unified team on August 5, 1992. In Tokyo, it is heading for its seventh straight gold medal. Any other team aiming to compete in the semi-finals should avoid at all costs meeting the United States first. Spain has succeeded. The group’s first place will also likely avoid playing with Belgium, another formidable contender. The draw for the quarter-finals will take place on Monday with the end of the last day.

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The 29 pass added by the Spanish team reflects their excellent association play. He traded the ball with Ouviña on the lead for several minutes, and success in the last passes allowed him to get several easy baskets and make up for his poor start on the threes. Ouviña and Casas gave great dynamism to the Spanish game with heists, assists and often quick turnarounds. Spain dominated 20 points (36-56). In the next six minutes, the Bagara pushed. Canada added only four points and six points (54-60). Alba Torres took charge of the Spanish offensive at that time and the gap widened again.

And surprised Keralt Casas, who added 8 points and 5 assists in 17 minutes, in the mixed zone, where the press was waiting for him. The 28-year-old from Girona couldn’t help but cry while answering reporters’ questions. “The other day I didn’t play for a minute. I removed the tension. And now I can’t stop crying,” he explained. “For me it is a dream to be here.” Alba Torres added: “Queralt played a great game and that is the important thing. There you can see the strength of the team.” Casas played eight minutes in the first match against Korea and remained on the bench throughout the match against Serbia. The Valencia player, ranked the best in the league in the 2019-20 season, averaged 28 minutes, 9 points and 4 Rebounds and 2.5 assists last season with her team, the second in the league and the European Cup champion, the second European club championship.

Canada 66; Spain 76

Canada: Coley (0), nurse (14), Carlton (9), Rheincock (4), Ashunwa (11) -equipo inicial-; Billington (3), Ayim (6), Akxander (0), Amher (10) and Wayfields (9).

Spain: Silvia Dominguez (4), Ofena (15), Torres (12), Gilles (8), N’Dor (20) (starting team-); Laya Palau (1), Cazorla (2), Carrera (6), Casas (8) and Conde (0).

partial: 13-23-21-17, 13-20, 19-16.

the reviewer: Yu, Lezcano y Mikheyev.

Super Arena Saitama.

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