On the Shoulders of Giants: Pioneers of Extraterrestrial Life and Slow Science


The discovery of uracil, nicosine and other organic molecules in samples from the asteroid Ryugu taken by the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa reinforces the theory that the “ingredients” that favored the emergence of life on Earth could have arrived in asteroids and comets. We analyzed the results using Carlos BrionesResearcher at the Center for Astrobiology and expert on the origin of life.

We live in a fast paced world where it’s publish or die. But science needs time to think, and to get results, even if it’s wrong. More and more slow science claimants. We’ve talked about all of this Txetxu Usin, Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy at CSIC. Eva Rodriguez We (SINC) report a study on the Letuli Trail (Tanzania) which shows an unusually large male Australopithecus for its species measuring 170 cm in length and two smaller ones of 140 and 120 cm; and from research into the unprecedented increase in plastics in the oceans since 2005. Researchers believe that at this rate, and if left unchecked, the entry of plastics into the oceans could accelerate 2.6-fold by 2040. We have reported on the Argentinian Abel Prize for Mathematics Prize Lewis A. CaffarelliFor his studies on differential equations. The James Webb Space Telescope has been in orbit for more than a year and has made many extraordinary discoveries during that time, he told us. Montes Villar. Javier Cacho It reminded us of the admiral’s trip to the South Pole Richard Byrd In 1933 he decided to take three cows on the grounds that he would be able to obtain fresh milk during the two years during which the adventure was to continue. Upon their return to the United States, these animals became real stars.

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