One in three doctors from these universities fail the national medical exam in Peru

The National Medical Examination consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. | Photo: Andean Agency

About one in three Doctors in Peru Failed the National Medical Exam (ENAM) Organized by the Peruvian Association of Medical Schools (Aspefam) and seeks to assess the adequacy of knowledge in basic sciences, clinical sciences and public health achieved by future physicians.

Epidemiologist Álvaro Taipei Rondan, on his Twitter account, noted that the national medical examination is a unique assessment that Peruvian medical students undergo before graduation.

this exam Consists of 200 multiple-choice questions and clinical inference And the “Assessing the knowledge that a physician should perform professionally. Although unfortunately it is not a requirement for graduationTaype-Rondan warns.

Results of the last decade

according to A study published by the scientific journal Acta Médica Peruana of the Faculty of Medicine of Peruof the total number of physicians who applied to Rural and Urban Marginal Health Services (SERUMS) in 2009-2019, nearly a third of physicians failed the National Medical Examination (ENAM).

The study was evaluatedTotal 30,750 doctors, of whom 9087, 17,607 and 4056 graduated from public, private and foreign universities respectively. 43% of all physicians registered with SERUMS refused ENAM. The The rejection rates of public, private, and foreign universities were 31%, 34%, and 79%, respectively.

In the multivariate analysis it was found that They often reject those who were from private universities, Those who have studied at a metropolitan university of Lima and who have graduated from foreign universities.

One of the conclusions of the study indicates that A large proportion of clinicians providing rural services (SERUMS) are not properly trainedat least in theory, which is what ENAM measures.

Taipei Rondane highlights that in the period 2009-2019, 36 Peruvian universities graduated: 17 public and 19 private. from 17 public universitiesin 6, it was noted that more than 33% of their students failed, and in one of them it was noted that more than half of their students did not pass the test.

The situation is more alarming at 19 private universities In 10 of them it was noted that more than 33% of their students had failed. Even worse, it was noted in 6 of them that more than half of their students did not pass the test.

The importance of Sunido

The epidemiologist also sheds light The importance of Sunedu what or what”Licensing of medical schools began, to ensure a minimum level of qualityIn addition, he warned that this necessary inspection of Sunedu could be rescinded by Congress of the Republic by law “Which restores the autonomy of Peruvian universities”.

Sunedu has proven that there are jobs that must be prioritized in order to get a license and we started with medicine because they are professionals who deal with health and life, not just individually, but collectively.‘ said, for his part, the Superintendent of Sunedu, Oswaldo Zegarra, to the gate of Salud con Lupa.

First in health

In 2019, students from medical school in San Marcos National University (UNMSM) Ranked 1st in the general table in the National Medical Examination. San Marcos students, Belong to the last year of medical schoolTake part in this test. 80% of the questions in this assessment were about clinical cases.

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