Science proves that women are more honest than men

Science proves that women are more honest than men

The popular knowledge It is assumed that women are more honest than men, but there has been very little solid evidence to support this claim.

Fortunately, a new scientific study may have confirmed hypothesis Through a strange experience.

What does the experience consist of? Below we give you all the details of this scientific contribution.

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Women are more honest

Since we were kids, we’ve heard that women, on a daily basis, are more honest than men.

This is exactly what a team of psychologists have done from Tel Hai CollegeUniversity in Israel.

The study was published in a prestigious journal Journal of Economic PsychologyTry to study the integrity of restaurant customers in a real situation.

In the results of the study, it was found that women were more honest than men.

Next, we explain what the experiment consists of.


A group of 278 participants were asked to eat alone at a restaurant in Tel Aviv And only order two items on the menu.

At the end of the meal, participants were shown their bill, but one of the two items they ate was randomly deleted.

The researchers found that the majority (169 people) did not mistakenly refer to the waiter, paying less than they consumed.

Interestingly, women who participated in the trial were 16 percent more likely to report a missing item, compared to male clients.

That is, women turned out to be more honest than men.

Why are women more honest?

The experiment tested the long-standing idea that women tend to have higher morals than men.

According to another study published in moralWomen tend to be more honest because, before taking advantage of a situation, they consider whether their decision will harm someone else.

“Women consider the impact of their decisions on others, while men tend to be more individualistic.”

That is, in the case of experience Tel Hai Collegethe women who told the waiter that the bill was incorrect probably took into account that someone would end up paying their bill, be it the waiter or the local company.

other factors

Now, the experience Tel Hai College It also showed that there were other factors that influenced whether or not we should be honest with the account.

For example, regardless of gender, customers whose most expensive item was deleted reported the error twice as often.

Specialists believe that this happened because they considered that not paying for a cheap item was less of a problem for the participants’ morale.

“People can tolerate a level of dishonesty and fraud in making ethical decisions if it’s a cheap product.”

In addition, the method of payment also appears to affect the integrity of customers.

Customers who paid for their meal with a credit card were 20 percent more likely to report the error than those who paid with cash.

“Presumably because paying with a credit card involves an additional encounter with the waiter, who might then notice the error on the bill and cause embarrassment for customers if they don’t report it themselves.”

However, the experiment showed the idea we had about more honesty in women.

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