The Congressional Science Office will address issues related to artificial intelligence and health | to know

The Congressional Science Office will address issues related to artificial intelligence and health |  to know

The House schedule has identified the first topics on which the new Office of Science and Technology will implement advisory reports: green hydrogen as a fuel, artificial intelligence and health, progress against cancer and cybersecurity. In the coming months, the office will collect scientific and technological evidence, following a working method based on reviewing and contextualizing the scientific literature, interviewing experts, reviewing other scientists and technologists, and taking an interdisciplinary approach.

In total, 17 issues of potential relevance to Spain in the medium term were raised. These were proposed by the office in collaboration with its advisory board, which includes representatives from key national research institutions, organizations and societies. The issues raised are grouped into four main areas: climate change and energy, biomedicine and health, biological solutions to major challenges, and digital society. Each had a brief summary and assessment of the moment when the topic would be of particular interest to Spain, the amount of current scientific and technical evidence, and the potential and scope of opening new public debates.

Suggested issues were, among others, artificial light in the nocturnal environment, soil conservation as an ecosystem, antimicrobial resistance and potential treatments, indoor air quality, the aging process and health, education in the digital age or neuroscience, its applications and ethics. antiquities.

The office is responsible for preparing reports, in an impartial and independent manner, that include scientific and technical consensus on potential topics of interest to Representatives, and for publishing and making them available to the general public as well. The idea of ​​establishing an office for scientific and technical consultancy in the House of Representatives arose in 2018 based on the proposal of the Citizen Initiative in Parliament in cooperation with Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

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