Open Arms guerrilla movement to raise awareness, branding and ESG

Open Arms guerrilla movement to raise awareness, branding and ESG

The Mediterranean is the most dangerous migration route in the world. According to data from the Operational Data Portal, 7 people drown every day trying to reach Europe, and we have already drowned more than 2,600 so far in 2023. Terrifying numbers that don’t even include all those people lying at the bottom of the sea without a trace. No witnesses. .

On the occasion of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the non-governmental organization Open Arms carried out a stunning guerrilla operation on Barcelona’s Sant Sebastià beachIn front of the luxurious Villa Hotel. Thanks to the cooperation of one hundred volunteers, thousands of pieces of clothing have been installed along more than 2,000 square meters of beach in an effort to represent every single one of the people who have lost their lives due to drowning throughout the year. “Shipwreck 2023” is an act of protest, but above all, it is an emotional way to pay tribute to all these people, and to bring before the eyes of the world the great human drama involved in a disaster of this magnitude. Oscar Camps, founder of Open Arms, explains, “Observing these numbers scattered on the beach reminds us that behind the statistics there are individual stories, truncated dreams, and broken families.”

Announcing a new mission

There is a misconception that migrations across the Mediterranean stop during the colder months of the year: this could not be further from the truth. Hundreds of adults and children are likely to risk their lives this Christmas to escape an uncertain future. So much so that the guerrilla action also led to the media being summoned and the announcement of their mission 107, which would be known as Christmas Mission, which will sail on December 22nd Towards international waters. This new commission was also announced by a stunning video recorded on the same installation, and narrated by the famous actor, winner of three Goya Awards, Edouard Fernandez.

An action included in the Christmas campaign

As Xavi de la Cruz commented, Head of creativity From DoubleYou, “The action is another phase of a movie in which no one should die – not at Christmas, not for the rest of the year.

the The ‘No One Should Die at Christmas’ campaign has also launched a range of Christmas clothing Limited edition sold through its own online store and drop From donations, through which funds are raised to help defray the expenses of Mission 107.

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