Orange Moon due to fires in the United States and Canada


Wildfires in the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada They dyed a full July orange on Friday night, The smoke from the many lamps also drifted east.

In Washington, D.C., shown by a view of the moon from the Washington Monument full size It changed color and turned orange for a brief period. The silhouette of a Marine One helicopter crossed the moon as it appeared to hover over federal buildings in the US capital.

Wildfires in the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada turned the July moon orange on Friday night. | Photo: AFP

How many fires are there in the United States?

Dozens of large wildfires burn in parts of Oregon, Montana, Idaho and California, and the Bootleg Fire in Oregon was the state’s third largest in records dating back to 1900.

As of Friday, the Bootleg Fire, located about 150 miles south of Portland, has swept more than 160,000 acres of drought-damaged trees and timber and destroyed at least 67 homes near the California border. At its peak, an estimated 2,000 people were displaced by the evacuations.

Users on social networks share pictures of the orange moon

Users on social networks have shared some photos to show the strange color tone of the moon, which you can see below

Negative start to summer due to natural disasters

From Canada’s heat dome to Germany’s floods or California wildfiresThe first month of northern summer was marked by natural disasters of a magnitude and frequency that could be the result of global warming, according to several climate scientists.

heat dome in canada

It will end in June. Western Canada grilled under a “heat dome” due to intense pressures that prevented hot air from escaping. The country broke several absolute temperature records, with a June 30 peak of 49.6°C in Lytton. The states of Washington and Oregon in the United States also suffered from this thermal dome.

The number of dead is not yet known, but it amounts to at least several hundred dead.

fires in the United States

Fire season has just begun in the western United States (aggravated by a worrying drought) and thousands of firefighters are facing about 80 major fires. By the beginning of the week, more than 4,700 square kilometers of vegetation had burned.

The most impressive is Bootleg Fire in OregonThat burned an area of ​​vegetation and forests equivalent to the city of Los Angeles in two weeks. According to Marcus Kaufmann of the State Forest Management Service, “The fires are so big and generate so much energy that they’re beginning to generate their own climate.” He “created his own symptoms” and “feeds himself.”

In neighboring California, several towns were evacuated before the flames creeped in “Dixie Fire”, a shooting This could be caused by a tree falling on the power lines of a major electricity provider, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).

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