Orto Medical Care delivers technological innovations that “improve the quality of life of millions of people”

Orto Medical Care delivers technological innovations that “improve the quality of life of millions of people”

Ortho Medical Care Advance technological innovations that “improve the quality of life of millions of people”. This has been announced before Spanish Federation of Orthopedic and Prosthetists (FEDOP), structured this The ninth edition of the exhibition which takes place in Ifema (Madrid) from March 8 to 10, 2023.

In Spain, it is estimated that there are more than four million people with physical disabilities, and a high proportion need the services of orthopedic and prosthetic specialists. “Their work is increasingly necessary due to an aging population, and the increase in chronic and disability,” they noted from FEDOP.

Ortho Medical Care

Approximately 13,000 professional visitors are expected during these three days at the Parque Ferial de Madrid facilities, for both the conference and the exhibition. Former health ministers intervened in the opening of the Orto Medical Care Centre Anna Pastor Second Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, W Maria Luisa Carcido, Deputy of Asturias in the Chamber of Deputies. They also participated in the opening ceremony Enrique Ruiz Escudero, Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid. Pablo Martin Perez Aragondi, Chairman of FEDOP, and Stephen Junqueira, Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

Visibility of the prosthetics and orthotics sector

The Federation wants this meeting to serve to highlight the work of prosthetics and orthotics within the national health system. “It’s the big unknown for the health professions,” according to FEDOP, which also highlighted that manufacturers are doing a great deal of research and investment to develop new products.

Hugh Herr, electronics expert

Orto Medical Care includes a keynote address by Eng Hugh Herr, Princess of Asturias Award for Research and Technologies in 2016, Who will talk on Friday about the design of electronic devices that mimic the function of limbs.

Other notable topics at the conference are orthotic treatment of spasticity, prosthetic materials or postural control in neurological diseases. The technical-scientific program also offers round tables and workshops showcasing key innovations in the sector.

technological developments

Among the technological developments presented at the exhibition, prostheses with pattern control that simulate the function of limbs stand out. Chairs with permanent frames and standing are also offered to children to improve the development of the body. Recently, novelties in manufacturing techniques have also been introduced, as well as personalized designs.

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