Oscar Cordoba’s daughter for a picture published by his team

Oscar Cordoba’s daughter for a picture published by his team

The Mexican football team, Galos de Queretaro Feminel, published, via his Twitter account, a photo of Colombian goalkeeper Vanessa Cordoba, the daughter of former Colombian goalkeeper Oscar Cordoba, which provoked various comments.

Among those who commented on the photo She is the same Colombian player, who, through social networks, indicated the publication of the team of which she is part.

In the photo you can see the Colombian goalkeeper in one of the training sessions, while she was next to one of the goal posts. The post is accompanied by a text that says: “Are you Juan Gabriel?” , referring to a photo of the now-deceased Mexican singer, who appeared in a photo with the same pose.

This provoked the reaction of the Colombian player, who initially took the photo with humor And even through the same social network, he responded with phrases of laughter.

Hours later, he’s back in the photo and his team’s caption. As he wrote with humor: “MK, they don’t respect me on this team anymore.”

Vanessa Cordoba, who is one of the key pieces in the Galos Blancos de Queretaro squad in Liga MX Femenil de México, She is a soccer player and interviewer who was also a member of the Colombian national team.

His team will play this Monday as a visitor against Santos Laguna de Torreon and is valid for the eighth history of the Mexican Women’s League, as Queretaro occupy the seventh square with 8 points, 13 units behind leaders Monterrey.

“The fight for the dream is not over yet, we have to go to Turion to give everything and bring those three points home”, The Querétaro team wrote on their account Twitter.

The US Soccer Federation agrees to pay equal wages to men and women

The NFL and a group of players who sued the organization reached an agreement so that the women’s team would earn the same as the men’s team.The two parties announced in a joint statement.

“American football has committed to offering the same remuneration to the men’s and women’s national teams in all friendlies and tournaments, including the World Cup, going forward,” according to the agreement sent to France Press agency.

A total of 28 players from the US women’s team, the world champions in France in 2019, have filed a class action lawsuit against the discriminatory policy of American football, American Football Association.

A total of 28 players from the US women’s team, the world champions in France in 2019, have filed a class action lawsuit against the discriminatory policy of the NFL. (Photo by Brad Smith/ISI Images/Getty Images) – Photo: Getty Images / Brad Smith / ISI Photos

The agreement should put an end to the demands made by this group of players and is expected to total up to $24 million, Of these, 22 million are distributed among the women’s national team players.

The application of the terms of the agreement is subject to the ratification of a collective agreement between the players of the national team and the Federation.

The subject matter of these bonuses was an important part of the lawsuit filed by the US Women’s Team in 2019, In particular, the one brought by the star Megan Rapinoe, accusing the Federation of “stubbornly refusing” to pay the salaries of its players fairly.

“When we win, everyone wins,” Megan Rapinoe tweeted after the deal was announced.

Huge step

President of the American Football Association, Cindy Barlow Kohn, a former international player for the national team, said in September that she hopes to “coordinate” World Cup rewards for the men’s and women’s national teams, In order to resolve the dispute between the institution and the players.

“Obviously, you can’t go back and undo the grievances we’ve faced, but the only justice that’s been done is that we know it can’t happen again,” Rapinoe said on the channel. ABCShe described it as a “great day”.

He was also interviewed on ABC And appeared next to Barlow, international striker Alex Morgan, said that The deal is a win for all parties involved.

“It’s a huge step forward that makes us feel valued, respected and repaired our relationship with American football,” said Morgan, who has played 190 caps with stars and stripes.

“I don’t see it just as a victory for our team or for women’s sport, but for all women in general,” I started.

For example, FIFA awarded a bonus of more than 32 million euros to France during the 2018 world victory at the men’s level, while the Americans took home 3.4 million for winning the highest prize in their category in 2019.

The players for the US men’s national team, who were knocked out in the round of 16 for the 2014 World Cup, received €4.5 million. Their female counterparts received only 1.45 million for their competition wins.

The US women’s soccer team has four world championships and several Olympic gold medals to its credit.

*With information from Agence France-Presse

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