Pablo Alboran’s trip to Uganda, marking the return of “Planeta Calleja” to Quattro

Pablo Alboran’s trip to Uganda, marking the return of “Planeta Calleja” to Quattro


Quattro starts 2022 with the premiere of new installments of “Planeta Calleja”: a stranger the places; Different Cultures, landscapes and ecosystems; and new Guests it will show jesus calija they unknown sides and his Feedback on exciting experiences Experienced in their travels, they will explain each version of the program that the series will offer Next Monday January 10 (10:45 pm) with trip Pablo Alboran to Uganda As a first adventure.

The tour begins at shores of lake victoriaThe second largest freshwater lake in the world. There, Pablo meets members Ndoti Cultural EnsembleAnd the, a group that relives the musical traditions of their ancestors and makes their own instruments. In this meeting, the singer lives a very exciting experience. Sing and dance with them And the Merge patterns. The trip continues Queen Elizabeth National Parkwhere Paul and Jesus perform Walking safari through the Kiyambura Gorges in which they live tense moment When colliding with an elephant a few meters away. They also move Kazinga channelthe place The largest concentration of hippos in AfricaAnd she has a chance to see her A family of lions at dawn.

After getting to know the reality of the continent closely during his visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt Lake Katwiwhere the surrounding inhabitants work to extract salt in dangerous conditions, visits Pablo Alboran Kibale National ParkThe best place in the world to see chimpanzees in the wild. live there The most exciting moment of the trip When surrounded by many families of primates.

Omar Montes In Swedish Lapland lolita in Madeira Amaya Salamanca In Kyrgyzstan and the chef lion angel Dubai will be, among other things, some of the heroes and destinations of the new installments of the programme.

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