Chivas Feminel sign Guatemalan striker Leslie Ramirez


Chivas Feminel has a new player and will give something to talk about. Through their social networks, the rojiblanco team has signed on Leslie Ramirez, who will join Licha Cervantes in the attack, It is noteworthy that the 26-year-old gunner He plays for the Guatemala national team.

The Guadalajara team has historically been distinguished by playing with footballers of Mexican nationality, in the men’s and women’s branches, and the club itself has made this clear. The striker is also Mexican and American.

Oh, wow, three nationalities?

Yes, Leslie Ramirez was born in California, United States, however she is also Mexican His father is originally from San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato. Her mother is from Guatemala, and Leslie plays in the Central American team.

In the statement that made Leslie’s signing official, Chivas made it clear that the tradition of playing with Mexicans only had not been broken, and the reinforcements adhered to club regulations.

What do the laws of chivas say?

In 2012, Jorge Vergara (who died in November 2019) announced that only footballers who could play for the Mexican national team would play for Chivas, however, his statements are not part of Chivas’ laws, which were last amended in 2002 .

Chivas clarifies that in the second paragraph of Clause V, it is established that they can only play in the club “Mexican by birth”.


If Leslie was born in California, why is she Mexican by birth? According to the Political Constitution of Mexico (or the United Mexican States), persons born specifically in the territory of Mexico are considered Mexican or Mexican by birth, Or who have a parent of Mexican nationality.

A precedent for the men’s team?

After this signing, it would not be uncommon to see that the men’s team also includes players who represent a team other than the Mexican team, but who have a Mexican passport, for example, in case Jorge Hernandez, a Mexican-American located in Ukraine, In addition to many other players with dual citizenship in the United States.

Jorge Hernandez, the Mexican soccer player who got stuck in Ukraine before his debut

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