Partner: Mike Myers wants to make a movie of the saga every year

Partner: Mike Myers wants to make a movie of the saga every year

a partner It’s a story to tell big fans And Hollywood stars surrendered at his feet. The original movie was released over twenty years ago, and more recently it has become me me From the Internet, in one of those tapes she managed to conquer both locals and strangers with innumerable details that led to her being considered legacy Film by the United States Library of Congress. they legacy It’s notorious, and one of its makers, the one who gives life to ghouls, wants it to continue. Mike Myers confirmed it in diverse.

voice and soul a partnerMike Myers wants to continue the story

Mike Myers, Hollywood translator known worldwide for his revival Austin powersAnd It was a partner’s voice From the first movie. Although the announcement of a fifth part is correct, we do not know when it will arrive, and all the problems during the conception of the film that prompted its creators to stop the project on several occasions have been resolved until the waters calm down. Anyway, Myers wants to come back. “I love playing Shrek. I’d be excited to make a movie every year.”it states.

I love to revive my life partner. I hope they make a movie in a year

It’s been over ten years without the movie The Green Giant happily ever after The latest cinematic installment of the license. Universal contacted Myers again, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas, and it seems that although the path is correct, it will take time to arrive. The actor continues to be encouraged to give life to the cartoon character. “There’s an emotional streak there. You know the old joke: I don’t want to become a member of a club that I used to be a member of. I’ve always felt this way. The concept of going from a self-hating ghoul to a self-accepting ghoul has been helpful to me.Myers explains.

Nothing is clear with Shrek then, soon, puss in boots With Antonio Banderas Role Which will be released this year in theaters.

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