Paula Herrero and John Chibe win the science race

  • The Science career in Madrid Witnessed the victory of the Spanish trio Paula Herrero and Kenyan John Chibi On the streets of the capital.
  • a group of 15 researchers compete to raise money For scientific studies of cancer.
  • How to regain control if you have a panic attack while racing

    kenny John Chibi The Asturian athlete Paula Herrero They got victory in science profession, the first classic of the Madrid sports autumn, which reached its 40th edition after missing the appointment last year due to the epidemic.

    On the wet asphalt from the last rains, although it is already sunny, 2000 runners started It is 9.00 a.m. on Calle de Serrano, next to the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), which is located on the university campus, the finish line at the end of a 10-kilometer road through the northern half of the Spanish capital.

    CSIC wanted to be a role model in terms of health protocols, given the importance of science in epidemic control. The organizers were Limited enrollment of these 2,000 participants, which is a 50% reduction to prevent infection.

    The security measures that were adopted included random temperature controls and the exit of waves to avoid crowding at the beginning of the road. Before the start and during the first 100 metres, a mask was mandatory.

    Chebii stands out from the start in the science profession

    The race, which made his debut as a shepherd with Evolution, was broken in the first kilometer. After landing on Serrano, Kenyan John Chebe took the lead, increasing his advantage and finishing 31:20, a minute faster than the Madridista. Borja AragonesThe second and first is Spanish with 32:08. Fernando Fernandez (32:19), Younes Ait Hadi (33:43) and Jesus Gonzalez (33:44) They are categorized below.

    The differences were greater in the female category. Spain’s Olympic distance triathlon champion Paula Herrero won a time of 34:17 (seventh in the combined year) and topped the second by more than four minutes, Alice the Farm (38:29).

    China Dong Liu, who was the 1500 world champion at Stuttgart’93, completed the podium with a score of 39:28, ahead of Almudena Marcos (39:48) and Mercedes Romero (41:07).


    NS Rosa Menendez, President of CSIC, This year’s edition was “doubly special” because, he explained, “it brings us back together after a forced break and he does so in his fourth decade.”

    Organizer, Carlos Cisneros, showed that approximately 70% of participants were between the ages of 35 and 45, and that women’s participation, close to 27%, continued to increase compared to previous cycles.

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    Among the lanes were 15 researchers took part in a solidarity challenge on the platform To raise funds to promote research in the CRIS Advanced Therapeutics Unit at La Paz Hospital.

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