Shamans and healers ask Senate to not regulate Aboriginal medicine


Shamans, healers and health authority specialists urged the Senate Disapproval of the reform that seeks to regulate Indigenous medicine Under the argument that those who will proceed on this subject have no knowledge of ethnic groups, as well as the fact that international agreements on self-government are violated.

David Hidalgo, dean of the University Center for Medicinal Alternatives, said the Senate will be pressured to rescind the draft opinion, which was approved on April 21 in Parliament, in relation to the original medicine and this in any case the issue of the so-called “complementary medicine” was included.

“They look forward to validation shaman, to me original healers by people from Cofepris, the Department of Health or Education, when those people don’t know or understand Aboriginal medicine,” he said in an interview with Globalism.

He noted that in the country there are about 280,000 shamans, healers, priests, shamans, healers, healers, midwives and orthopedists, among others belonging to the country’s 68 ethnic groups who are required to “testify” when they are the people who have possessed this knowledge for years and for generations.

“It is not possible that someone who studies a course of months or years, would want or could certify indigenous knowledge of medicine,” he said.

“We agree that acupuncture and naturalism are organized to avoid witchcraft, and that there are courses for everyone, but when a particular example is asked to be a person who is a witness to shamans or healers, they can assess us for something they don’t know that they don’t know.”

Alejandro Juárez, a Mayan priest, considered, “We don’t ask for this kind of certification because we have ancestral knowledge, and in my case I spent 32 years working with my ethnic group.”

He realized that nowadays there are people looking to mix different formations and pretend traditional doctors Or the shaman, which is where the authorities have to pay attention, but not to the customs nor to the traditional medicine of Mexico.

Such regulation, control or certification was deemed inappropriate by Minister of Health Because in addition, Mexico’s international agreements on recognition of indigenous peoples and autonomy are violated.

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