‘Peaceful Communities’ project in Uganda wins 2023 UNESCO-Confucius Literacy Prize

‘Peaceful Communities’ project in Uganda wins 2023 UNESCO-Confucius Literacy Prize

Peaceful Communities is specifically designed to address the five pillars of sustainable development: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships.

The impact of the United Nations Financial Oversight and Accountability Program “Peaceful Societies” is profound. Beneficiaries shared success stories that reaffirm the program’s contribution to creating sustainable and peaceful societies. One participant used his new knowledge of literacy and numeracy to run his coffee business more effectively, avoiding conflict and contributing to a more harmonious society. Another disabled woman, initially not appreciated by her community, now plays a vital role in her village by writing meeting minutes and supporting children’s education.

In a world whose development is increasingly dependent on technology, UNSAI has also been able to adapt by using social media channels such as WhatsApp to stay in touch with its program beneficiaries. However, the digital divide remains a major obstacle, especially for women and girls with disabilities in rural areas. Although technology can facilitate lifelong learning, gaps in access and knowledge persist.

The “Peaceful Communities” program ensures inclusion by engaging a diverse group of people with disabilities and prioritizing women and girls. Provides reasonable modifications and support to enable full participation. In addition, the program provides literacy classes in Luganda and English, making it accessible to all participants.

With the aim of reaching more marginalized people, UNSAI seeks support from stakeholders such as donors, sponsors and international NGOs. Among the ambitious goals of the program are to register at least 100 people with disabilities annually, increase awareness of the fourth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals and provide the necessary resources for literacy.

With the UNESCO-Confucius Literacy Prize as a symbol of recognition and encouragement, Dorothy Nakato Mubize and her colleagues at UNSAI are inspired to continue their mission. Its goal is to reach more people in need of literacy and continue contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Dorothy Nakato Mubize offers a message of hope, especially for those who cannot access education: “With literacy, you will never be left behind.” It is a reminder that literacy is not just a skill, but a bridge to empowerment, equality and a better future for all.

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