Pedro Burns traveled to the United States to train to start the Enduro World Championship


This year’s goals for the Chilean athlete Pedro Burns Three-time national champion Enduro, they are ambitious. Will seek to enter the world’s 15 best by EWS (currently in 20th), Subsequently He’s just starting a trip to the United States, where he and Trek Factory will conduct a focused, two-week training courseS, prelude to the first date of Enduro World Series (EWS) 2021 will start on June 23 in Italy.

During your stay in North America, Red Bull athlete will run some tests and review the technical aspects of the bike.

He explained: “I will test different suspension settings and tires, to equip the bike before the season starts in June, when I will leave for Europe for two months.”

After his trip to the United States, specifically to Los Angeles, Pedro will return to Chile where he will continue a full training course, Which includes several hours on the bike And the gym to reach the best possible way for the next challenges.

newly, Burns, along with other notable international cyclists, participated in Going In, an audiovisual work by Trek. Which deals with what it takes to compete at the highest level in professional MTB races throughout the history of various athletes.

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