Perpetual observation in medicine, says the Rector – El Sol de Tlaxcala

Perpetual observation in medicine, says the Rector – El Sol de Tlaxcala

Given the complaints of students who have been victims of crimes on the outskirts of the College of Health Sciences, Seraphine Ortiz Ortiz, dean Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx), He pointed out that the director and her government structure in the facilities are waiting for the presence of monitoring in the facilitiesWhich has been requested from the competent authorities and will be a permanent activity.

revealed that He recently visited the facilities in the Guardia neighborhood, in Zacatelco, to address problems that concern all students and staff, thus they solve the problem of insecurity Produced by the vile negative actions that happen outside of the college, hence they have taken it with great care and devotion.

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confirmed it They will protect the environments of students who come to study in college and keep vigil to prevent crime, Well it mustn’t have taken a moment and he asked the managers for the procedure to be consistent.

Adding that All concerned education authorities must be well aware and informed about the situation occurring inside and outside the facilities So that events of this kind do not happen.

We are very busy addressing this issue of insecurity We must protect lives, physical integrity and property, allow us to exercise our liberties in public and all those who come to the college to study We will always be mindful of those who are trained in one of the jobs this House of Studies providesOrtiz Ortiz said.

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confirmed it UATx is an extraordinarily perpetually growing institution, and proof of that, is that the former Rector agrees with the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education in the country.

Adding that Dar al-Drasat is national news, and it is in its power to direct the general policies of higher education in the country. This has even led us to expect particularly outstanding management of resources.

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