Perseid meteor shower 2022: When and how do you see it in Mexico?

Perseid meteor shower 2022: When and how do you see it in Mexico?

The Perseid meteor shower 2022 It is one of the astronomical events The most anticipated summer and can be seen in the night sky Mexico between night Friday 12 and blew up Saturday 13 August. in We explain when? s how do you see it.

August Not only will it be a scene of this meteor shower Which fascinates astronomy lovers every summer, but will happen around the same time as sturgeon full moonwhich can cast a shadow on Perseids Thanks to its lustrous glow. This was announced by Bill Cook, an astronomer at Container.

“Unfortunately, this year’s Perseid Summit will experience the worst possible conditions for observers (…) The moon will be brighter than anything else in the night sky, and all but the bright perennials will wash away as they pass through our atmosphere and burn high.”

Bill Cook, NASA

When do you see the 2022 Perseids meteor shower?

According to the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics (NIA).INAOE), The 2022 Perseid meteor shower It started its activity last Sunday, July 17th, and reached its climax on Monday, August 24th. However, its climax will happen 9:00 pm on Friday, August 12th And during the early morning Saturday 13.

the gate time and dateas well as INAOE, sets the maximum meteor rate 100 per hour, although Bill Cook explains that in North America one would expect to see 50 to 60 per hour. In real terms, for sturgeon full moononly 10 to 20 can be seen, “in the best cases,” he admits.

  • radiator in the direction of constellation Perseuswith coordinates AR = 03h06m, DEC = + 57º45´.
Photo: Map of the 2022 Perseid meteor shower provided by the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE)

How do you see the August meteor?

the gate time and date Ensures that you don’t need special equipment or many skills to see Perseid meteor shower. “All you really need is a clear sky and a lot of patience,” say the specialists, who also give a series of tips to see it better:

  • Find a secluded spot to watch away from the city lights. Once at the location, it may take your eyes 15 to 20 minutes to adjust to the darkness.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and make sure you are comfortable, especially if you plan to go out for a long time.
  • Bring a blanket or a comfortable chair with you – watching the meteor can be a waiting game.
  • Once you find your point, lie on the ground and look up at the sky.

Why does the 2022 Perseid meteor shower occur?

The Institute of Astrophysics in Andalusia (IAA-CSIC) details that Perseid meteor shower It is produced by the impact in our atmosphere of fragments of the meteorite cloud of Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. This star is about 26 kilometers in diameter It takes 133 years to spin Once upon a time the sun

The last time it crossed the inner solar system was in 1992, and it is estimated that It won’t be until 2126 When will we be able to see this giant of gas and dust again.

Finally, the organization Royal Museums Greenwich She says it’s one of the best meteor showers General because it produces bright meteors and is one of the most active meteorites. The Precious stones They also have a high hourly rate; However, they do occur in December when the Northern Hemisphere is going through winter.

The Perseid meteor shower It takes place during the summer school holidays in many parts of the northern hemisphere, allowing family groups to watch meteor showertogether.

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