Phil Spencer’s bookshelf will be more hidden than meets the eye

Phil Spencer’s bookshelf will be more hidden than meets the eye

If you are aware of Xbox and Microsoft news, you will know that its most obvious header is, Phil SpencerHe’s been “fooling” us for months. I mean, of course, that original way to camouflage future ads on their shelves, even if they had an Xbox Series S long before they were even announced.

After learning about all these classified ads, many people pay attention to the room where Phil Spencer is making ads or appearing in any type of video. On his last appearance we saw minor modifications (such as the inclusion of a character Kojima production), And while it may seem random or irrelevant, it seems like it has a good reason to be there.

Phil Spencer and his bookshelves are full of secrets

As indicated Jeff GroupSomeone who brought you a lot on Xbox Generation (most first impressions came from Xbox Series X), in his latest video broadcast, All of the things that show up on Phil Spencer’s shelves are put there for a reason. Not only does this include numbers like the ones we mentioned above, but also It will also refer to the Nintendo Switch Who was on the top shelf in one of his last appearances.

We don’t know what kind of announcements or news might arrive in the coming weeks, but from Xbox Generation, we’ll give you as much coverage as possible about all the news surrounding Microsoft and Xbox.

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