Pilot refuses to fly again because his shift is over after an unscheduled landing and unleashes passenger anger



23 ene 2022 00:54 GMT

Flight PK-9754 left Riyadh for Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, but due to bad weather, the plane had to land in the Saudi city of Dammam.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilot refused to fly his plane again after its unplanned landing, sparking protests from passengers.

The incident reported by the Pakistani media Express Tribune On January 16, the flight PK-9754, which departed on time from the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, bound for Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. But due to bad weather, the plane was forced to deviate from its course and land in the Saudi city of Dammam.

Subsequently, the captain of the flight refused to resume the flight to Islamabad, arguing that “his shift is already over”. this is a reason irritability of the passengers who refused to leave the plane. Tensions did not stop until after the arrival of airport security agents.

For his part, a spokesperson for the airline justified the captain’s decision, claiming that the pilots needed adequate rest in order to private aviation safety.

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