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Cuban volleyball seeks to develop its youth with a good quarry that is currently playing in several foreign leagues, to which is now added a great opportunity to bring the coaches of the national team to the practice, to improve and modernize them. Knowledge. Nicholas Vives, head coach of the Cuban national football team, has been working as a head coach for several weeks with Hatta FC in the United Arab Emirates.

What are the advantages of this league?

– She has eight average level casts. Let’s not compare it to Russia, Italy or Turkey, but it is played a lot, twice a week and we are in fourth place. Each squad can have three aliens on its payroll, but only two go out on the field, although the organizers intend, for next season, to have all three on the field.

– What did this directing exercise give you?

You always learn more when you play a lot. Since we face opponents every three days, it gives you the possibility to analyze the matches, focus on the tactics and strategy that you will implement, and you are interested in studying the most important elements to get the most out of your boys. The world is playing more and so should we. The time for training and training is over, and today it cannot be directed only with paper and pencil, it is necessary to update ourselves with science and technology, with tools such as data volleyball, to control sports performance: soon, Cuba will have a specialist to include us at the first world level.

– Being in the UAE, do you know how Cubans go in foreign tournaments?

I exercise weekly statistical control for each of them, analyze them and give my opinion. I hope when we meet in Cuba, in May, we can discuss their performance, because this year we have very difficult goals like the World Challenge Championship and the World Championship. It would be good to establish a readiness base in our country, if by that date the territory of the National Volleyball School was repaired.

Will other coaches have a similar experience to this?

– I will pass on the knowledge gained to the other national coaches as well as the local coaches, but I think it is important for others to have the opportunity to prove themselves in an experience like this. This has helped me a lot.

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