They encourage initiatives for Cuban Flag Day


havana, Jan. 10 (ACN) The Cuban Flag Day days will run until next April, marking the anniversary established in 1990 of the legacy of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

The fact most relevant to its program is that Havana is the central working place of the unforgettable history, the fifteenth coming Saturday, which it has once again acquired for its relevant scientific, technological and innovative findings.

The authorities of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) have announced that their national activities this month include awards and a recognition ceremony: the Carlos J. Medal. Finlay, which is the Cuban government’s highest honor for citizens and foreigners for their contributions to the development of science for the benefit of humanity.

As well as the National Prize for Innovation and Specials, all awarded by the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) for the results of scientific research.

In addition, a workshop for exchange with scientific societies and their contribution, and another related to youth sciences for sustainable development and the meeting of the ACC for the day as such.

According to the same source, a meeting of the National Committee for Scientific and Technological Categories is scheduled for February, as well as a workshop to present the report of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

In April, the CITMA Awards will be given to student researchers, young researchers, and young technologists.

Likewise, from February to April, provincial events and certificates and workshops to share experiences in technical and scientific advisory boards.

The provinces of Matanzas and Villa Clara were given a privileged position in this type of simulation through the Cuban Flag Day National Act, which began in 1990, three decades after Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro set the foundations for the human training policy and professional and scientific development of the country.

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