Play Deliver Us Mars, a sci-fi adventure coming to Xbox

geekzillos, if sci-fi is your thing, this news is for you. The Frontier Foundry team is very excited to reveal We delivered in MarchA new game coming to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, developed by KeokeN Interactive. This exciting narrative adventure is the ambitious sequel to We gave up on the moon 2019, and takes place 10 years after the events of the game’s Fortuna mission. The first trailer shows the new protagonist as he prepares to explore the surface of Mars after a crash landing and reactivate a drone. If you’ve played the original game, you’ll be familiar.

We delivered in March

A huge step forward in the diversity of gameplay and storytelling, We delivered in March It takes you to the red planet on a dangerous mission to secure the future of humanity. In our game world, Earth’s resources are exhausted, so you will have to venture into space in search of new forms of energy. Environmental themes are really important to developers, and for this reason, KeokeN Games take an approach based on sci-fi storytelling, so in this story you will find many more surprises in the coming months.

We gave up on the moon

if you play We gave up on the moonGet ready to enjoy the way the story collects threads and characters from the original game (we appreciate any and all fan theories…). However, if it is your first time playing it, you will be able to enjoy this story as a completely standalone experience. Motion-captured cinematic scenes from an excellent cast bring this story to life in an amazing way.

We delivered in March

Traverse the landscape of Mars

now why We delivered in March Is this an ambitious game? Well, along with the step forward in the narrative view, it also features several gameplay mechanics completely new to the series. Expect the essence of puzzle adventures to return to the original game, but with a variety of ways to play. A new climbing system that will allow the mysterious hero to traverse the landscapes of Mars, for example, with additional gameplay elements to be revealed later.

We delivered in March

Brothers Paul and Quinn Dittmann, co-founders of KeokeN Interactive, have always kept a close eye on the stars, because their grandfather designed the telescopes, which shaped much of their sensibilities as storytellers and game designers. We delivered in March It seeks to represent a manual and emotional narrative, and for this reason, the entire game is designed in this way. Frontier Foundry is proud to help the studio make this happen.

If you’re playing on Xbox Series X | S, enjoy the game to the fullest! Don’t miss this and other Xbox premieres!

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